Are you a procrastinator?

What do you do instead of what you are supposed to?

Top 10 Things You’re Probably Doing Instead of What You are Supposed to be Doing:

  1. Eating
  2. Checking your email every 3 minutes
  3. Looking for inspiration from others’ work
  4. Reading just another article about “how to do …”
  5. Checking LinkedIn for who’s viewed your profile
  6. Saying TY for RT’s to all of the Twitter Followers in the past 3 days
  7. Looking on Facebook for people you went to high school with you never really cared about anyway
  8. Cleaning your house
  9. Watching the news
  10. Editing the promotional page for your upcoming program for the 7th time today

I have a confession.  With the transparency and humility of a character-based leader (Dan Rockwell, Max Brown and Chad Balthrop – my esteemed co-authors writing about “humility” will appreciate this) but most of all because I am also one of the co-authors of The Character-Based Leader I have to walk my talk:   I JUST finished delivering a presentation to HR Professionals at the Leadership Conference on how stress negatively affects productivity and teamwork.

AND I am guilty of doing all of those 10 Things instead of what I should be doing at one time or another.  In fact, it happens much too often.  Maybe I should re-title this:  The Top 10 Things I Do Instead of What I Am Supposed to be Doing.  At least then I could add Personal Integrity to my list, too.

I could take this a step farther and feel guilty or ashamed about being so imperfect – and we could take it one step beyond that and say I’m a hypocrite.

Yet I choose not to … I choose instead to offer my humanness up to you as an opportunity to learn and grow, for myself and for you, too … (read more here –

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About the Author Christina

Christina Haxton is the Chief Potential Officer & Founder of The Center for Sustainable Strategies, a business strategy & executive advisory company, assisting technology and life science entrepreneurs, business owners & CEOs to build a strong, purpose-driven company, achieve sustainable growth & avoid burnout. Contact Christina at (970) 387-8935 or to inquire about speaking, training, coaching and consulting solutions for yourself or your company.

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Mayor David Casiano says October 20, 2012

Wow, Christina, did you pour some cold gator-aid on me! Please email me. Thank you.

Kelly Strahm says October 22, 2012

Thank you Christine – In all honesty in today’s world of high technology it’s much easier to get off task than it use to be in my opinion thus creating diversions in focus. We have to use technology with intent and of course a business focus in whatever endeavor we are working on. I try to be constantly accountable but we are human. Using technology with intent has best assisted me in productivity. That doesn’t mean I am perfect by any means but at least with the top 10 attention diverters or causes of procrastination if you will, we can be aware and thus work towards continuous improvement.

Kirsten La Sovage says October 31, 2012

Nicely put..I have found the reason’s for my procrastination are:
and fear.
The biggest’s thing I procrastinate on is finishing the budget..the personal one. I have taken many classes and worked through the majority of this…I am in the final stretch..still I don’t have a large amount of income…so I get very discouraged when I do the budget planning. I see a giant hole I can’t get out of. You could add discouraged to that list of procrastination.

The other thing is prioritizing. It seems I always find clean, laundry, cooking a work. I rarely enjoy what I have as a result.

Note: I have returned to college and have a 4.0 gpa in Health Care Finance and MA Administration.

I find all of this so frusterating.

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