How Leaders Use Brain-Based Learning to Manage Stress

When it comes to stress, AVOID is NOT a strategy if you want to be a Sustainable Leaderhead in the sand 2

It’s about time our leaders, ordinary and everyday or extraordinary leaders, are held accountable for a higher level of integrity and honesty (and vulnerability) than ever before.

This is NOT about executives attempting to be superheros, but rather about leaders learning it’s okay to be human.  Being human means having the skills and intuitive ability to acknowledge emotion (in yourself and in others), without breaching professional boundaries or letting your competition “see you sweat.”  Believe me, I get it.

The FIRST step you need to take is to be able to minimize, eliminate or leverage STRESS.   If “Avoid” is your strategy when it comes to stress, you will likely become a statistic:  “48% of newly hired or newly promoted executives get fired or quit before their 18 month anniversary.”  It’s not because they lack the technical skills to get the job done.  From my observation as an executive coach, it’s because lack of self-management, interpersonal and communication skills required in their new position.

Leaders must take responsibility for their own learning and professional leadership development in the areas of emotional intelligence and stress management.  In order to become a “built to last” or Sustainable Leader, you must first address STRESS … internal (which comes from the worries that are generated by your brain and keep you up at night) or external (direct pressures and spoken expectations from others).

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