Can you go from Corporate Refugee to Satisfied Successful Business Owner?

Corporate Refugee? 5 Strategies to go from head honcho to successful (& satisfied) entrepreneur

The grass isn’t always greener on the entrepreneurial side of the fence. Here’s what you need to know before you make the leap to have a successful and satisfying second career as you own boss:  Click here to read how you can leave what you hated about your corporate handcuffs behind and more importantly, how to keep what you loved the most in your new venture! Read the entire post on here: If you’ve made the transition from CEO to Entrepreneur or Business Owner successfully, what is your best piece of advice?  What would you add or emphasize? [sharebox4 sharetext=”Share This Page”] [/sharebox4]

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Christina Haxton is the Chief Potential Officer & Founder of The Center for Sustainable Strategies, a business strategy & executive advisory company, assisting technology and life science entrepreneurs, business owners & CEOs to build a strong, purpose-driven company, achieve sustainable growth & avoid burnout. Contact Christina at (970) 387-8935 or to inquire about speaking, training, coaching and consulting solutions for yourself or your company.

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Mark Neild says December 19, 2012

Emphatically yes….
But do not expect it to be easy and do not expect it to go the way you plan.

Bigger corporates tend to have lots of specialist resources around, but when you start your own business it is all down to you or very expensive bills for professional help. The biggest challenge I faced was realising how little I knew about web marketing – hell that is what marketing departments are for! Likewise tax and payroll – stuff we take for granted in an established organisation.

As an entrepreneur you need to move very quickly from causal thinking to effectual thinking. do not make a plan. Instead think of what you know, who you know and what other resources you have at your immediate disposal and then get out in the market and start selling. You will quickly find out that what you thought your business was about is wrong and then adapt your business model to where there is demand. Better to find that out early rather than waiting until you have sorted out brand positioning and marketing and wasted a lot of opportunity and resources.

I look on track to gross $100k in my first year of trading after 31 years as an employee. Roller coaster ride, butI am never going back to the petty politics and consensual blandness of corporate life.

Mark Neild says December 19, 2012

By the way could not get the link to work

Vanessa Mumford says December 28, 2012

Thanks for sharing the link! 🙂

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