Who benefits from coaching and what kind of coaching best meets your needs?

A professional, knowledgeable and experienced coach can assist you in going from where you are now to where you want to be in your career or business more quickly and easily than doing so on your own (and if you could do it easily on your own, you wouldn’t be reading this).

Click the "Get Started Now" below to apply to receive a confidential Leadership Strategy Session. In your 45 minute confidential session, we’ll work to clarify your specific challenge, identify any resources or solutions I may have for you to achieve your goals and develop a roadmap for you to get there.

Will executive or leadership coaching work for me?

You know professional development is critical to your long-term success, but you might believe you don't have the time. Or you've been through leadership training in the past and it's been too simplistic or not applicable to your unique situation. Or you are wondering what is executive or leadership coaching and how can how it can help you achieve your professional, leadership or business goals? Click here now to get these and other questions answered or if you are ready click the orange "GET STARTED NOW" button below to set up a confidential, no-fee Leadership Strategy Session.

Christina, what's different about your leadership coaching and training programs? As a licensed marriage and family therapist and executive coach working with owners, partners and professionals like you, a serial enterpeneur and small business owner for 20 years, I bring a unique perspective, experience and skill set to the table to give you the psychological advantage you need to avoid burnout and succeed in this relationship economy.

Leadership Development Coaching for High Potential Managers is for you if you are:

  • Working toward a promotion and want to gain a competitive edge
  • Striving to stand out from the competition for advancement at work
  • Seeking to improve your “people skills”
  • Desiring to learn how to manage and motivate others with excellence and ease
  • Feeling pulled in too many different directions
  • Hearing from others you “need more balance” in your life
  • Finding you have more to do, less time to do it and worry the quality of your work is at risk
  • Wondering how you can stay focused, avoid distractions and get more done in less time with fewer resources

Executive Coaching for Senior Leaders, VP’s and CXOs is for you if you have ever thought (because I’ll bet you’ve never said it out loud):

  • I am looking for a trusted adviser and go-to expert in understanding “what makes people tick” to join my team who will offer insight and practical tools I can use immediately to easily meet the demands of my position
  • I am a senior leader seeking to develop my leadership skills to achieve an executive position in my company
  • I excel at 80% of what I do … it’s the demands of others I feel challenged with – I want to better understand and excel in the art and science of communication and motivation
  • It’s “lonely at the top” and I need an objective, unbiased, professional who will assist me in achieving my personal and professional goals
  • I’ve accomplished what I set out to do … yet I no longer feel rewarded or satisfied, personally or professionally, and I am ready to move forward now

Professional Coaching for Professionals, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs is right for you if you believe:

  • I am done just wanting to feel more satisfied and happier in my life or career and I am ready to take the next steps right now
  • YES! I want to create and attain BIG personal or professional goals, yet I’m not yet sure how to do it or where to start
  • I am tired of feeling stuck in a rut and I am ready to take action and become the CEO of Me so I can design the career or business I deserve
  • I am ready to feel happier and satisfied again! Bring it on!!!

See What Other People Say About Christina

Jason PeasleyExecutive Director, Yampa Valley Housing Authority

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your guidance, advice and listening ear. Things are going well for me at the Housing Authority and I can contribute that to the things that I learned from your coaching. While I believe that I had a lot of the skills to be a leader before I worked with you, your coaching brought it all together. It gave me the understanding and confidence to put my skills to work. I have found that relationship development (“Professional Intimacy”) is essential to success. I have been able to accomplish great things at my job and as a community member because of the relationships I have cultivated. Your coaching was a critical part of my development as a leader. Thank you.