Strategic Planning

Christina Haxton, MA LMFT

If Strategic Planning with your Board of Directors feels like “herding cats” then we should talk

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″]Executive Directors and board members from non-profit organizations around the country share with me that strategic planning can be one of their most frustrating processes, for the following reasons:

  • Getting the board to agree on strategy can feel like herding cats. As one board member shared, “If we have 12 board members, that means there are 24 opinions on every issue.”
  • The strategic planning process results in too many ideas and priorities, so that the organization tries to do too much and spreads itself thin.
  • After the board ratifies the strategy, the organization doesn’t have the bandwidth to execute it, and so the strategy sits on shelf.

Strategy doesn’t have to be stressful. You can get your board aligned and in agreement about your organization’s strategy. You can set up accountability structures so that your team implements the strategic plan. And you can do all of this while building your board’s capacity to be stewards of your mission and vision. The Center for Sustainable Strategies provides you with a complete three-part strategic planning and accountability process that gets everyone on the same page and allows you to:

  • Answer the most important strategic questions to set your non-profit up for realization of its mission;
  • Choose only the right number of priorities required for success; and
  • Put in place accountability and a structure to make sure that your strategy actually gets implemented.

The process gives everyone in your organization a common language for talking about strategy, so that everyone is included and can contribute. It draws on the knowledge and expertise of your employees and board members. It is efficient; most non-profits complete the process via a series of one to three facilitated meetings, depending on your needs. Perhaps best of all, the process doesn’t require unnecessary conflict, confusion, or stress. It uses straightforward language without jargon, and bakes in accountability and results from start to finish. To learn more, download our Strategic Assessment by clicking here or contact us at or contact us at (970) 387-8935 or email Christina at[/text_block]

“I found Christina to be very creative, organized, and an invaluable asset to ensure our project was successful. As the former President  and CEO of an $8 billion company, believe me, I see this as an attribute that is all to rare today in many organizations.”

Richard Lowe
CEO (retired), Xpedx/International Paper, now Self employed, Independent consultant in Forest Products and wholesale distribution

“Christina recognized that as a rapidly growing and changing organization that we needed to better define the roles and responsibilities of our board and newly hired staff before we moved forward with creating a strategic plan. Christina worked with individual board members and staff to help us all come together and understand how we can better help to support each other. Because of Christina’s tireless work with STARS, we now have a two year strategic plan with clear responsibilities and expectations outlined for all board members and staff. I would definitely recommend Christina Haxton to any business or non-profit that needs strategic planning and executive and board development to execute the strategic plan.”

Julie Taulman
Executive Director, STARS (Steamboat Adaptive Recreational Sports)

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