The Center for Sustainable Strategies is now offering a growth, succession & exit planning program for business owners...

Finally! A CEO Roundtable focused on the top issue that business owners face

85% Of Businesses Are NOT Set Up For A Successful Sale - What About Yours?

As a business consultant and advisor at The Center for Sustainable Strategies, I see that millions of business owners are hoping to sell their business, exit, or transition in order to tap into their wealth and enjoy retirement. Unfortunately, most of them will not be successful. Research reveals that 4 out of 5 business owners who try to sell their businesses do not find a buyer.

For baby boomers, the situation is more pressing. We know that 10,000 baby boomers retire every day in the USA alone, let alone worldwide. Many of these baby boomers own businesses, and need to sell or transition to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

What happens when these same baby boomers flood the market by putting their businesses up for sale?

The answer is that there will be a glut. This is an unhappy predicament for business owners, because even before the baby boomer bubble, we know that most businesses for sale do not sell.

Christina Haxton, Speaker

As I see it, business owners face some serious problems:

  • Their wealth is trapped in a business and they are discovering that it will not be easy to turn years of time and effort into cash for retirement - Business owners' evaluation of their business is dependent on them running the business and the value leaves with them, they haven't structured the business to have value without the owner being involved.
  • They are frustrated because they spend too much time chained to a business that is dependent on them; and
  • Ultimately, they are unable to enjoy the retirement they dreamed of and expected to have.

The Center for Sustainable Strategies Growth, Succession & Exit Planning CEO Rountable Series solves these problems ...

The Center for Sustainable Strategies is now enrolling a limited number of participants in a unique bi-weekly (virtual and live) round table for CEOs to come together to learn, get peer support, and make commitments to strengthen their business and prepare for eventual exit.

Busy business owners and executives appreciate the flexibility: Offered both as an online and live program in the Denver, Colorado Front Range , we offer ongoing enrollment and you can join any time. Every fourth or fifth session, depending on the group, is an open session focused on any issues that members want to discuss and find resources for solving that others have used successfully. Online sessions will be recorded so you can learn and implement at your pace. Miss a session? Attend a future session, live or online, when it comes around again - for FREE!

What is the Growth, Succession & Exit Planning CEO Roundtable Series?

An ongoing, open bi-weekly Executive Round table series which solves a huge problem for CEOs: How business owners can prepare their businesses for sale, exit, and/or succession. The focus of this round table is not about anything that requires an MBA, a degree in accounting or expertise in business valuation. I take participants step by step through a 13 part methodology to help business owners create shape businesses to be attractive to potential buyers and investors, or to be passed seamlessly to the next generation of leaders or family members.

Here's your solution: A CEO Rountable Series that solves your biggest problem:

Modules: The remaining sessions offer content in 13 core areas:

  • Develop your vision and high level exit/succession plan.
  • Shift your perceptions to create leverage and prepare for exit/succession.
  • Dominate with a strategic edge.
  • Strengthen your financial model for a strong valuation and succession.
  • Solidify your operating platform.
  • Master the time management of a true CEO.
  • Create clear roles and an organization chart for growth.
  • Improve your leadership to enable exit/succession.
  • Engage your team.
  • Develop a pipeline of leaders.
  • Turn revenue and profit growth into a science.
  • Build a base of loyal customers through consistent, excellent service.
  • Create your high-performance culture.

Only businesses that are set up to run independently of the owner -- with top talent, a strong operating platform, financial stability, and a strategic edge -- will sell!

If you are a business owner or CEO of a successful small to medium-sized company with revenues between $500K and $10M and want to prepare your business to be strong and successful well into the future, contact us today at (970) 387-8935 or email to set up a private strategy session for more details, to see if it's a good fit or apply to join the program!

These topics are all about building a strong organization – with an eye to planning for future growth, succession and/or exit and focused on setting the business apart so that potential buyers, investors, or future leaders see that the business is attractive and will continue even after the leader exits.