The Center for Sustainable Strategies offers Growth, Succession & Exit Planning for Business Owners

Learn whether you will be able to sell or tap into your business to retire comfortably, or whether your business is likely to wind down – along with your wealth

Millions of business owners face a problem that could be the difference between a comfortable retirement and stressful one.  As business development consultants, we see that millions of business owners face a problem that could be the difference between a comfortable retirement and stressful one. The Center for Sustainable Strategies offers business consulting services and succession planning for business owners that solves this problem.

While most business owners have most of their wealth tied up in their businesses, very few will be able to transition their business in a way that gives them the free time and money that they want and deserve when it is time to retire.

There are many reasons for this problem, but the bottom line is that the business is simply not set up with the systems and processes needed for a transition. Usually, it is so dependent on the owner that no one will want to buy it. The owner’s wealth is trapped in the business and can never be reached!

Please don’t let this happen to you.

The Center for Sustainable Strategies specializes in working with business owners to ensure that your business has the highest possible valuation, and is attractive to potential buyers. That way, you can tap into the wealth that you have created in your business – whether you want it now or later.

We are not business brokers or estate planners. We are specialists who help you increase the value and sale-ability of your business. As a result:

  • Your business is worth more.
  • Your business continues to grow, even without your involvement.
  • You have more free time or time to focus on strategic issues instead of fighting fires.
  • You can tap into the value of your business anytime you want – whether now, for an early retirement, or for later.
  • You have peace of mind about your future or your family's future.

We do this by taking a comprehensive look at your business, taking a "beginning with the end in mind" approach and by working with you to put in place the systems and processes required to make your business attractive to buyers. Even if you don’t want to sell your business, this process gives you many more options to tap into the wealth you have created, and to give you more time.

Find out whether you have a business that you can use as a source of ongoing wealth, or whether you need to take steps now to avoid the trap that is causing stress and hardship to millions of other business owners. Take our free assessment now by clicking the red button below, or contact us at anytime at or call (970) 387-8935.

How Strong Is My Growth, Succession or Exit Plan?

Jeff TemplePrincipal, Momentum Development, LLC

As a co-founder and former COO of Spyder Active Sports (and later a serial entrepreneur as a developer of high end real estate communities), I was no stranger to running a successful company, but after the 2008 recesssion, it was tough.

I worked with Christina to “get back in the game” and start another company. Christina pushed me every step of the way. It was not always comfortable, but it was effective. Christina really cared about me as a person and my new company. She helped me understand how important family is to me, and how to keep some balance in my life as I got very busy again.

Christina showed me how to create a values-based business. She helped me remember the great teams I had created in the past–and how much fun it is to lead a strong team. I’m excited to begin our first multi-million dollar development project this Spring!

Richard LoweCEO (retired), Xpedx/International Paper

I found Christina to be very creative, organized, and an invaluable asset to ensure our project was successful. As the former President and CEO of an $8 billion company, believe me, I see this as an attribute that is all to rare today in many organizations

John VierthalerOwner, Self employed, Business Attorney

Christina is a superb communicator as well as being totally knowledgeable in teaching organizational and teamwork skills. She uses a unique approach which is highly effective. Well worth the price and effort

“I have been a client of Christina’s for the past few years. Christina’s programs have been some of our most memorable learning experiences. Our team of veterinarians and paraprofessional management are using her teachings still to this day. She definitely brings a practical and innovative approach to learning!”

Jill Clark DVM VP, Recruiting & Professional Relations, VCA Animal Hospitals

As a former business owner and long time professional business consultant, I have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Haxton and observe her unique teaching and coaching skills. Capturing the essence of a group of leaders and bringing them together to explore interpersonal communications is a gift few people have. Haxton is one of those people.”

Mike Forney Principal, Management Dynamics, Business Consultant

“Christina is a true professional. She has a keen business sense and brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to her clients. Her programs teach using amazing personal development strategies that are as applicable to the solo-preneur as they are to the Fortune CEO. You can count on Christina to operate from integrity and character. It is my pleasure to be associated with her and to experience her work.”

Mark Crowley (Former) CEO, Greenwood Village Chamber of Commerce


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