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Will you join me in instigating a leadership revolution?

What if you could have the advice of 21 leadership experts at your disposal?

And what if all that knowledge was made available around your busy schedule and could be digested at your pace?

Well, now you can …

I’m excited to be a co-author and announce the upcoming publication of:

The Character Based Leader: Instigating a leadership revolution one person at a time

What are the new rules of leadership development today?

Go ahead and throw out the long list of “leadership competencies” espoused by the company or the latest leadership self-help book.  Successful leaders are character based leaders.  The new (old) rules to become an extraordinary leader who is respected and trusted is when you operate from your values, your character and develop others to do the same, THAT will be your foundation from which your leadership success is based.  ~ Christina Haxton, MA LMFT, co-author The Character-Based Leader

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Christina Haxton, Leadership Speaker, Author & Consultant


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Do you have the guts to walk the leadership tightrope?

The Tightrope of Leadership

As leaders and change-agents, we walk a daily tight-rope between how we “should” do things because that’s how they’ve always been done … which may be contrary to what believe matters today and tomorrow. Leadership is no different.

To be a true leader, we must walk this tightrope in our daily actions.  While most people would not want to be in our leadership shoes for fear of ridicule, being ostracized or publicly called out … they secretly and silently cheer us on.  One day you are a hero … the next day you are a zero.  Read more here on Walking the Tightrope of Leadership …on the LeadChange Group Blog to see if you have the guts (or not).

Enjoy and leave your comments below!


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