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Leaders: 7 Questions To Create A Highly Engaged Team

7 Simple Questions that Every New Leader Can Ask to Mobilize Employees & Create A Highly Engaged Team


Do you have a highly engaged team?

Engaging and mobilizing team members or employees can feel like a daunting challenge, especially if you are a technologist, engineer, scientist or physician making the transition into a leadership or management position. However a few simple behaviors can make a huge difference to improve engagement with the people you need to help you get the job done.

It is frustrating to have to read minds

For instance, many employees are frustrated because they feel like they have to be a mind reader, psychic or great guesser as to what their your priorities are at any given time. Even worse, they don’t know how they are doing and how they can do better. Their annual performance review is sometimes their only chance to find out.  Often stressful for both of you and because it happens only once a year, the annual review does not set people up for success.  Your employees need more frequent, detailed feedback and feedforward so they can make responsive adjustments and know they are on track!

Spans of control contribute to the problem

This situation is not completely the fault of management. In some organizations, spans of control have become so large that managers have to complete another formal performance review every three or four days.  Leaders are busy, busy, busy.  I get it.  But that’s still no excuse.

The solutions are simpler than you might think

There are many simple strategies to mobilize employees and create a highly engaged team. the good news is they cost almost nothing to implement, can be put into place immediately and have huge impact.

For instance, one opportunity that many leaders have to build trust with their team members – even at the C-level – is to give more frequent, informal feedback about how each employee is doing. It takes just a few minutes to ask a question and listen to the response you get.  That way, everyone in an organization knows what is expected of them and how they can get better.

The seven questions


7 Questions Leaders Can Ask to Engage & Mobilize Employees

There are seven simple questions every leader must ask employees … and intently listen to the answers to create a highly engaged team. As with advertising, frequency counts. Small, informal conversations about performance go a long way – especially when they include teachable moments about different situations and details.

The questions include:

1. What do you believe I expect from you?
2. What are you doing well?
3. What, if anything, can you be doing better?
4. What, if anything, do you believe I see you could do better?
5. (If appropriate): What do you expect will happen if you improve (e.g., more responsibility, more time with leadership, more desirable assignments)?
6. (If appropriate): What do you expect will happen if you don’t improve?
7. How can I help?

While all of these questions are important, and you don’t have to ask all of them at once, the last question is especially important. It shows the employee that the leader cares, and is not merely abdicating responsibility or shifting blame.

No more excuses!  For more information about how you can easily and effectively engage and mobilize your team and to take a confidential and free self-assessment about how well you are engaging and mobilizing your team or employees, click here.

The Downside to Growth: 7 Signs of Leadership Stress & Survey for Executives

The Downside to Growth: 7 Signs of Leadership Stress & Survey for Executives

Growth is good … and leadership stress is unavoidable!

stressed executive

Executive feeling leadership stress

As a director, manager or executive, you know growth, while good, has its downside.

You may have even noticed  a little more stress now – sleepless nights and ongoing worry wondering how you are going to keep your team on board, headed in the same direction AND get deliver the results everyone is counting on, too.

Stress just comes with the territory, right?

Keeping yourself AND your team engaged and productive while you are going through growing pains may be top of mind right now.   You are focused, you delegate, you make critical decisions quickly, and you probably handle high levels of stress much more easily than your peers.  Yet it could get lonely at the top, too.  And you are (still) human.

stressed woman leader

Another stressed out executive

There is a lot research and buzz about the rewards of having engaged employees and the costs of having disengaged employees.  Did you know that disengaged employees costs organizations $3,400 a year for every $10,000 in salary … and turnover—the inevitable outcome of disengagement—costs organizations between 48 and 61% of an employee’s annual salary?

What would be the cost to you personally and professionally as you have to do more with less, meet even higher demands (from your boss AND your team) AND deliver on time and on budget despite your company’s growing pains?  The cost would be two-fold:  you could end up being that “stressed out boss” AND have “stressed out employees” because emotions are contagious.

The Downside to Growth:  Leadership Stress


Downside to growth if a leader’s stress is ignored

When the early signs of “leadership stress” – a unique type of stress experienced by people who are responsible for the well-being of others.  When the first signs appear you might not notice, but others will … and they may not tell you.  As you get stretched too thin watch out for the negative ripple effect of stress down the line to your team members, who will then become less engaged, more distracted and less productive.

That would be a problem, especially right now for someone at your level of responsibility … for your team, your career and your company.  As a licensed therapist and executive coach for more than 15 years, I’ve seen the devastating outcomes for leaders, careers, companies and families of ignoring the early warning signs of (leadership) stress.  I have assisted hundreds of smart, insanely busy leaders to identify the key leverage points and strategies to prevent career derailment.

I am very excited to announce a resource that could be of interest to you!  Through extensive research and experience, I have compiled 30 key questions to isolate and identify …

The 7 Early Signs of Leadership Stress Executives Can’t Afford to Ignore

An 8 minute, quick and easy assessment tool so you can identify the early warning signs and make simple changes before it’s too late : 

Click here to take the Leadership Stress Assessment now


Leadership Stress Survey

THIS IS NOT a computer generated assessment!  As a licensed professional I will evaluate your results, which includes a customized, personalized and confidential review AND solutions, your unique leverage points and a strategy for turning it around.  Your results are 100% confidential and will be shared with no one but you.

To help you be exceedingly more productive, get more done in less time with fewer resources, resourceful, optimistic, agile, resilient, effective, engaged, confident, happier, satisfied and connected “best boss” (and help your team do the same).  Most importantly, you can love the heck out of what you do again or through this exciting time in your growth period.

teal leader happy

Leaders who transform stress into success

I have reserved a limited number of appointments on my calendar for the first 10 leaders who complete the survey to receive a complimentary Leadership Strategy Session to review your results with you.

I will personally provide you with a customized, personalized and confidential review AND solutions, recommendations for leverage points so you can turn it around quickly.

Click here to take the Leadership Stress Assessment now

Whether you can benefit from knowing the signs for yourself, or knowing the signs to assist someone on your team from stress leading to burn-out leading to disengagement, you’ll want to know the critical signs … before it’s too late!

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