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Leading Through Crisis: Are You Hanging On By Your Fingernails Or Leading With Courage?

Leading or Managing during times of crisis requires the ability to make tough unraveling ropedecisions quickly.

The question is how do you know you are making the best decisions for you and your business, company, team and customers?

It’s a falsity to think that making quick decisions under pressure is the sign of a great leader.

On the contrary, the decisions we make while in crisis mode are often triggered by fear instead of sound strategy. A REACTION instead of a … response.

Stepping back and pausing under pressure a great way to ensure your decisions are sound.  So how do you pause when pressure is pushing you to make decisions now?

Here is a real case study to put it all into perspective and 5 “Pause Practices” To Help Ensure Decisions & Values Align:

Tom, a retired-CEO-now-reinvented-entrepreneur involved in a potentially highly lucrative business deal with two other partners, begins his coaching session this way: Click here to read the rest over at ManagingAmericans.com 

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