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Why you’ll never get promoted if you follow the rules

Will 2014 be the year you finally get promoted?corporate_climb_up_500_wht


Why not?

You have followed all the Spoken Rules of Getting Promoted:

  • Worked hard and long hours to be a strong contender for the promotion to fill the position as the newest Director or VP in your company.
  • Listened to upper management who has given you what seems to be good, well-meaning advice.
  • Read the employee manual that defines all twenty seven leadership competencies identified by HR and expert consultants specifically to be considered to fill the leadership role.
  • The company’s mission and vision statement is framed on your office wall, strategically placed right behind your desk so all who enter your office can’t help but know you live and breathe “The Code.”

Here’s the bad news:  If you only listen to the spoken (or written) rules and are unaware it is actually the Unspoken Rules of how to get promoted that determine what it really takes to get promoted in your company, you may be passed up (again) for the next opportunity to advance your career.  Click here to get the inside scoop you need to get promoted in 2014 over at ManagingAmericans.com.

What is Unspoken Rule #1 in your company and how did you discover it?

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