Christina Haxton, MA LMFT                                     CEO & Founder                                                     The Center for Sustainable Strategies & Sustainable Leadership

Co-Author of The Character-Based Leader: Instigating a Leadership Revolution One Person at a Time​

Are you ready grow your business into a company that will be built to last for the long haul so you can be more profitable and have a life?

Are you an Executive or a CEO who wants to make good decisions, engage and mobilize your team to achieve your goals?

You can do it. I can help.

Growing your business or positioning your company to thrive in a complex and changing market doesn't have to be hard or require you give up your life.

The Center for Sustainable Strategies offers deep experience, customized solutions and practical methodologies to help you build a purpose-driven, profitable company that runs without you so you can avoid burnout, have peace of mind and get your life back!

How Strong Is My Succession Plan?

Are you positioned for growth, profitability or a happy exit?

Millions of business owners face a problem that could be the difference between a comfortable exit or a stressful one. 85% of businesses are not set up for growth or successful exit. Is yours?

How Well Do I Engage & Mobilize My Employees?

Are you struggling to engage your employees?

Are you frustrated with and tired of dealing with the fallout that comes from employees that are not as committed and motivated as you are? The answer might be simpler than you think…

How Strong Is My Strategic Plan?

Are you and your team aligned on strategy?

Strategic planning doesn’t have to be stressful, cost a fortune, or leave you with a dusty binder that rots on your shelf! Does your strategic planning process get the results you expect?

Do you ever feel stuck in your business and dream of "what's next?"

Hope Is NOT A Strategy: Click "Learn More" to see our Growth, Exit & Succession Planning CEO Round Table Program

1. Strengthen your business to make it more profitable, valuable and attractive so you can transition out, hand it down, hand it over or sell for top value when you are ready.

2. Tap into the wealth you have created in your business so you can move on to your next business or retire comfortably.

3. Have more time to enjoy other parts of your life - Isn't that the reason why you started your own business in the first place?

Richard LoweCEO (retired), Xpedx/International Paper

I found Christina to be very creative, organized, and an invaluable asset to ensure our project was successful. As the former President and CEO of an $8 billion company, believe me, I see this as an attribute that is all to rare today in many organizations

John VierthalerOwner, Self employed, Business Attorney

Christina is a superb communicator as well as being totally knowledgeable in teaching organizational and teamwork skills. She uses a unique approach which is highly effective. Well worth the price and effort

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Executives: Do you ever ...

  • Feel like an imposter or lonely at the top and tired of pretending everything is perfect?
  • Wonder how you are going to stop the infighting, backstabbing or drama among your team?
  • Worry you won't be able to balance your attention and energy between work and home and your relationships will suffer?
  • Feel overwhelmed and wonder how you are going to get it all done without burning out?
  • Feel frustrated when your team doesn’t seem to understand what you want them to do?
  • Need to “manage up” to create and maintain positive relationships with board members, investors and other stakeholders?

“I have been a client of Christina’s for the past few years. Christina’s programs have been some of our most memorable learning experiences. Our team of veterinarians and paraprofessional management are using her teachings still to this day. She definitely brings a practical and innovative approach to learning!”

Jill Clark DVM VP, Recruiting & Professional Relations, VCA Animal Hospitals

As a former business owner and long time professional business consultant, I have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Haxton and observe her unique teaching and coaching skills. Capturing the essence of a group of leaders and bringing them together to explore interpersonal communications is a gift few people have. Haxton is one of those people.”

Mike Forney Principal, Management Dynamics, Business Consultant

“Christina is a true professional. She has a keen business sense and brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to her clients. Her programs teach using amazing personal development strategies that are as applicable to the solo-preneur as they are to the Fortune CEO. You can count on Christina to operate from integrity and character. It is my pleasure to be associated with her and to experience her work.”

Mark Crowley (Former) CEO, Greenwood Village Chamber of Commerce

What if you could easily:

  • Manage multiple priorities
  • Make good business management decisions quickly
  • Reduce overwhelm and avoid burnout
  • Earn the respect and trust of your team and stakeholders
  • Communicate and lead with confidence
  • Have peace of mind knowing your business is positioned for sustainable growth
  • Feel confident your business can run well without you!

You can do it. I can help.

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